Hey y’all, I’m Elise. After graduating from Wake Forest University in 2015, I ventured to Nashville knowing only a handful of people. Being thrown into the real world, maybe a little unwillingly, I found that the best way to deal with stress from my job, my long-distance relationship and adulting in general, was to get my a** kicked in a work out. I owe my survival and many of my friendships in Nashville to the endorphins and maybe a post-class margarita or two.

I knew that I wanted to create something with the help of the friends I’ve made that combined my passion for fitness, Nashville, and social media. Not just a blog or an Instagram account touting weight-loss teas, but a community. As I began to expand my circles in Nashville, I realized how easy it was to bridge the gap between acquaintance and friend by inviting your coworker to a spin class or striking up a conversation with the girl you stood next to in boot camp three days in a row. I was building friendships that were encouraging, motivating and contributing to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The purpose of Sweat Talk is to showcase the way that we can live our healthiest life together. I want to invest in the both the Nashville fitness community and the city as a whole. Let Sweat Talk be your go-to resource for all things health and fitness in Nashville and wherever my travels take me. Keep an eye out for workout class reviews, healthy(ish) eats, and wellness news. I’m fortunate enough to live in a vibrant city where people are known for following their passions; now, I’m following mine.