It’s hard to explain how much Inner Light Yoga just gives me all the FEELS. From the second you walk in, you feel nothing but welcomed. Owner, Emmy Singer, is a total gem, and someone who makes you feel like a better person just by being around her. Her energy is magnetic, and she just exudes straight-up, unparalleled joy. She’s so passionate about the Nashville community and the community she and her hubby, Lee, are building, and it shows. The back wall of the studio reads “with hustle and heart, anything is possible.” ILY is proof.

Music is the thread that runs through Nashville, and Inner Light Yoga knows that. The class that truly sets them apart is their ‘Vivid Flow’, a music-based vinyasa flow. You’ll start off breaking down each pose, deepening and strengthening each one. After you match breath to movement, you’ll finally be set free to flow through and totally jam out. You’ll get totally lost in the rhythm of each perfectly curated playlist as the speakers are turned all the way up and you move to anything from Drake to an early 2000’s throwback. Somehow, it always happens that whatever song is playing is exactly what I need that day. You’ll end class with some sort of heart-pumping finisher, whether that’s burpees, a plank series, or some booty work. You’ll sweat more than you thought was possible, but a well-deserved savasana and a mist of essential oils waits for you at the end.

A few months ago, my yoga knowledge pretty much consisted of child’s pose and downward dog. That being said, even I am able to keep up during this fast-paced class. Throughout your time here, Emmy will remind you that this is YOUR practice and she’s not there to tell you what to do. In fact, you can and should do whatever you feel like. Sometimes getting totally lost and making it up as you go is the best part. I’ve loved challenging my mind and body in a new way as I’ve started to explore yoga more and more. As someone who usually craves a treadmill and a pair of heavy dumbbells, I never thought that I could fall this in love with yoga. I did here, and I think you will too.

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