I’m proud to partner with Vigor Fitness and Wellness to bring you this post.

Take yourself back to the days of high school sports practice at Vigor Fitness and Wellness Studio. When Vigor invited me to take class at their new facility in SoBro, I was excited to check out their HIIT Sport class. They offer a variety of HIIT bootcamps, cycling, yoga, barre classes, nutrition services…and massages? Heaven. For this particular class, the instructor, Chad, uses his baseball and football coaching knowledge to integrate drills and functional movements into a 60 minute class. Different than any bootcamp classes I’ve taken, I think I’m prepared for my upcoming co-ed softball season , but I’m still crossing my fingers I won’t have to play.

After a dynamic warmup, we moved on to drills using the agility ladder. This was my favorite part of class because it’s so much harder than it looks! It really tests your coordination and body awareness while getting your heart rate up. Transition that fancy footwork from the gym to the field – and maybe the dance floor?

The second half of class was spent moving from station to station like you’d see in any circuit class. Chad is happy to modify any movements depending on your fitness level which I ALWAYS value in an instructor. MAJOR PLUS: if you do play sports or would like to improve in a specific area, he’ll help tailor your workout! It was fun to finish out one class with a sprint burnout on the curve treadmill and rower. Another time, we even worked on a shuffle drill attached to the wall by a resistance band and a harness. This workout was definitely a break from my normal HIIT class and so much fun! If you play or used to play sports, you’ll definitely have a ball with this class.

You can sign up with ClassPass or through MindBody, and your first class is only $10! I’ve also partnered with Vigor to give Sweat Talk followers a 15% discount on all full-priced classes and packages using my code ‘SWEATTALK’. I’m stoked about what Vigor has to offer the fitness community here in Nashville, and I think you will be too.

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