I got to visit three of my best friends in L.A. this weekend, and our first stop was FitMix for Endurance Pilates. Confession: I’ve never used a Pilates Reformer before… they look a little bit like torture devices , don’t they? Let’s be honest, it’s easier to try something new when you’ve got your girl gang beside you, and we were excited to give it a shot.

Within five minutes, my quads were LIT. As my friend put it, “it felt like flames were licking my legs.” Serious S.O.S moments as we looked over at each other grimacing in pain . You seriously have to activate every muscle (especially your core!) to stay balanced, engaged, and not fall flat on your face. Planks, side lunges, and other moves feel amplified x100 when you’re trying to stabilized your whole body. The class was challenging, but it was great to try something totally different. I’ve honestly never felt such an insane burn in my quads and booty .

We jammed to early 2000’s hits and part of the Center Stage soundtrack – be still, my ex-ballerina heart. Our instructor, Noel, did a great job handling the three of us who needed to be familiarized with the reformed and gave us lots of modifications that challenged us safely. The class definitely put my mind at ease, and I’m excited to try out different classes on the reformer here in Nashville.

Fitmix also offers a classed called ‘The Mashup’ which combines 25 minutes of treadmill intervals with 30 minutes of endurance pilates. Definitely worth a try if you want to kick things up a notch, but your legs will for sure feel like jelly for the rest of the day. There are so many options to workout in L.A., but I was glad to get the chance to check Fitmix out while I was in town.

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