I find myself at Title Boxing Club a few times a month when I want to switch things up…or when I’m really in the mood to punch something (or someone). I was so happy when the East Nashville location opened up. Tori, one of my usual partners-in-crime, and I headed to a 6:30 AM class led by Kyle Lee. We were zombies that early in the morning, but his infectious energy definitely woke us up as he swung around the punching bags like monkey bars.

The 60 minute class is split into 3 parts: a 15 minute warm-up, 30 min of boxing, and 15 minutes of abs at the end. There’s a timer that counts down each split including the 8 rounds of boxing. I’m not totally sure if being able to see how much longer we have to work makes things go by quicker or slower.

The warm-up was no joke. I almost felt like I had gotten a full workout in by the time the 15 minutes were over. During both the warm-up and active “rests”, Kyle gave us lots of different exercises to choose from which I really liked about his class. It allowed everyone to really tailor their workout and focus on a certain muscle group if they chose. It also meant you had NO excuse to stop moving. On to the boxing, the combos were all challenging, but even as a novice, I was able to catch on. Kyle gave the option to add kicks to many of the combos and really explained the technique. This was helpful since I feel like some instructors leave this out to focus on the punches. A smaller class also meant lots of pad work and no slacking. We finished up with abs which can always seem daunting after you’ve given your all for 45 minutes. I was definitely tempted to just lay down on the mat and go back to sleep. Kyle kept things interesting with a lot of ab moves I haven’t done before…a starfish plank? Holding a medicine ball under your knees? Crazy s***.  Needless to say, this workout totally kicked my ass, but it felt good to get out a little aggression before the work day.

Your first class at Title Boxing Club is FREE (+ $9 for wraps). They also run membership deals pretty often, and they are available on ClassPass.  With a few locations in Nashville, it’s easy to grab a friend and punch it out.

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