Winston-Salem has seriously stepped up its game since I graduated. If the grain bowls at Village Juice when I was here, maybe I would have eaten less late-night pizza. Okay, you’re right…probably not. Their juices are now available on campus at Wake Forest University now, so it’d be pizza with a side of some delicious cold-pressed juice.

That being said, this lunch I had was LIT. I had the Farmer’s Daughter Bowl with brown rice, Granny Smith apples, almonds, kale, chicken and sweet potato. That sweet drizzle you see on top is a mix of balsamic dijon and roasted carrot vinaigrette. Paired with the Coffee Bender made up of cold-brew coffee, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, and Himilayan pink sea salt. That’s. It ….are you kidding me? So thankful for tasty, whole ingredients: it was giving me life!

If you’re in Winston-Salem and haven’t been to Village Juice, I want to know what you’ve been doing with your life. Fresh ingredients make up their menu of juices, toasts (GOAT CHEESE + PEAR!!!), salads, grain and smoothie bowls. So many different things to choose from with lots of customizable options so you can get your superfood on. Plus, they serve local bone broth and kombucha on tap. I couldn’t dream up a better restaurant if I tried.

I love when a restaurant can make eating healthy EASY. It’s even better when they are supporting local farms and businesses in the process. Village Juice does just that and makes it taste amazing. All I want to know is, when can I open one in Nashville?

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