Anyone who has spent time with me lately knows that I am OBSESSED with Verticity Cycling in East Nashville. Started by two total lady bosses, Kimberly Novesel and Lindsay Brooker, these two managed to corral some of the coolest babes in Nashville to be a part of their ‘Maniac Pack’ and create the boutique cycling experience Nashville has been missing. As someone who used to get bored in cycling classes, I’ve realized having the right instructor is SO important. A bad-ass, encouraging attitude, killer playlist, and ability to challenge you mentally and physically for 45 minutes are key. Thanks to Verticity, I don’t have to look too far. The ride is rhythm-based and includes choreography like my favorite tap-backs along with a killer arms segment. Pro Tip: don’t underestimate those 2 pound weights. 

If I was going to get in my first morning workout of 2017, I knew going to Abby’s class was the only way I would make it through. I usually make it to her Monday night class, and it’s become part of my weekly routine. It allows me to “sweat out the bullshit” and start my week off on the right foot – literally.  Even better, this girl is committed; I’ve seen her give 100% wearing a Christmas sweater for an entire class. Can you say #goals? She’s also committed to making sure every single person believes in their own badassery since we all need a friendly reminder once in a while. You might be embarrassed to listen her playlist in front of your mom, but you’ll leave asking yourself why you don’t start every day pumping yourself up to ‘Knuck If You Buck’. Her class is a total dance party, and you’ll want to be her best friend instantly.

Every instructor I’ve had has been totally kick-ass and motivating in their own way. I’ll definitely be featuring more of the Verticity ladies on Sweat Talk because, not gonna lie, I’m a total fangirl. Their current rate is $15 (+$2 for shoes) for a drop-in class at their temporary space dubbed ‘Verticity Underground’. Catch ya on the bike.

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