From the moment you walk in, getFIT615 feels a little bit like you’re working out with all your best friends in their basement. Cozy AF. Owner and trainer, Kate Moore, immediately takes on the role of your BFF, ready to give you the best pep talk of your life. Her pup, Emma, literally hangs out on the yoga mat next to you all class…talk about #squadgoals.

If you’re looking for all the encouragement, high-fives, and positivity your  heart can handle for one day, GetFit615 is the place to be and Kate is the person to be there with. Before class, she’ll pump you up reminding you to do what’s right for you body in that moment. Negative self-talk is something that I struggle with on the reg, but loving yourself and your strong bod is the thread that runs through GetFit615. As long as you’re challenging yourself, having fun, and gettin’ sweaaattaaaay, you’re doing it right.

While each day has a different focus, the pattern of the circuit changes week by week. On #FreedomFriday, you choose the exercises as a class and trust me, someone’s always gonna suggest burpees . I hit up #TRXTuesday last week knowing that those yellow bands are NOT my friend. Switching between TRX pikes and TRX push-ups for 5 minutes – no thanks- but it’s good for the soul, promise! We started class with a team run and then split into partners for the 5-station circuit. The class was challenging yet accessible with lots of modifications to fit different fitness levels. Looking at the board, 10 exercises doesn’t seem too daunting, but in a fast-paced circuit, you’re gonna work. It was definitely the most fun and friendly pain I’ve put myself through lately!

More than a gym, GetFit615 is a community that encourages you to empower yourself and others through fitness. Love a good challenge and looking for your #fitfam? Been intimidated to do a box jump, use the TRX bands, or take a group fitness class at all? Either way, this is the perfect environment for you!

You can book a class on ClassPass, or they have new member deals: $10/first class, $30/30 days 🔥. Along with drop-in classes and monthly packages, you can also get unlimited Shakti Power Yoga (located right upstairs) and getFIT615 classes for $150/month. Are you kidding me? Go, and go now.

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  1. “Cozy AF” our new motto. Love this and appreciate you so much!!!!

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